Vivie. (vivacious129) wrote in justbe_careful,

환영 x WELCOME x 歡迎

Welcome to Just Be Careful;!

This is an MP3 rotation site, maintained by Vivie, featuring mostly Korean music (pop, to be more specific) although I will probably upload some Japanese songs as well as Chinese songs. My plans change often so I may not be able to update often, however, I will promise that new music will be uploaded approximately every two weeks.

Anybody and everybody is welcome to download from this site on one condition. Follow the rules!

So here are the rules:
01. Join the community!

02. Songs are uploaded for sampling only, so please delete them after 2-3 days.

03. If you really like the songs, please purchase their albums from YesAsia and HMV Hong Kong.

04. Comment if you take anything!

That's it for now, so, join and download! Remember, this is friends-only, so go join lol.

~♥ Vivie.

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